Blak Ace’s Daily Dabs

🔥 Colvin Latimer Impressions 🔥

I was born this way and that’s a fact
My skin color might be different they call me Blak
Slowly climbing up the ladder of this totem pole of power
We need to come together first be a team every hour
Celebrate our heritage and our culture
Not to relive the painful times and the torture
We acknowledge all of that and then some
Use those losses that we’ve suffered to motivate everyone
So many levels on the record, you can find us
With Claudette Colvin at the back of the bus
We’ve had to stand tall overcome the negativity
God is our witness to health and longevity
My faith we believe the world we leaved touched
Celebrities make the standards that be trending at lunch
I’m inspired by Black inventors and entertainers
From Lewis Latimer to the Black smith with a hammer
We need educate for some that’s why they fail to relate
Others elevate above the rim of this hate
Negroes Negus Black history so relevant
Everyday I’m Black and proud down to the last cent
-Blak Ace


Source: Blak Ace’s Daily Dabs Here’s a sneak peek at some of Blak Ace’s poetry and raps… #Rap #HipHop #Vancouver #BlakAce604 #HeavenzGates604

Source: Blak Ace’s Daily Dabs

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