🔥 Modern Day Slave 🔥 

 Modern Day Slave 

I never thought that we would fall this way
Rapping write lyrics makin beats new songs evryday
This would grow in to addiction Arts n self ambition
My expression of myself full blown with precision
Share it all wit da world show em all how we feel
My visions have graduated surrendered my appeal
On a beaten path strolling like I’m a mf trailblazer
At the rave highcunt wigging out to tha phaser Lazer
Bring me back to earth bad drugs killed the cat
My symphony is abstract lovin u is to the moon n back
Nigga keep real we getting rich or die trying
Now evry nigga in tha hood got wire wheelz wen riding
Take a knee n protest we come together on the field
Our enemy’s in politics be afraid of how we feel
They call it disrespect 2 da flag mf this ain’t game
I’m fly like Birdman put sum Respek on my name…


Source: 🔥 Modern Day Slave 🔥 

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