🎼 ~ Ťhë Ťŕãñşđüçêŕ ~ 🎼


Phizzo Entertainment presents…


The Transducer” an invitational competition for emcees and rappers around the globe. This event will take place online through social media avenues like Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. The purpose of this event is to challenge contestants to step out of their comfort zone, display their skills and promote themselves to the masses. They will spend 4 weeks writing, freestyling and performing, making videos for the competition to be judge by their fans, friends and followers via Instagram/BlakAce604.

The competition will be 4 weeks long, with 4 different rounds of a 45 second video for each person, each round will be a different topic to rap about and each round will have a different element in this format;1 week written acapella with no beat, 1 week will be a freestyle to a beat of their choice, 1 week will be written to a beat of their choice and the last week will be written to a secret beat. Each week with their video i’ll be posting a photo from the video for fans, friends and followers to vote on. The contestant with the most votes throughout the competition wins the $500 cash prize or a Wireless Performing

Microphone of equal value. There will be 3 special door prizes for; photo with the most votes, video with most votes overall and the video with the most votes of week 4.

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