~ Ťhë Ťŕãñşđüçêŕ ~

Buenas dias everyone, we’re officially a week away from the start of this epic competition  Ťhë Ťŕãñşđüçêŕ. All this week we’ll be introducing to you some of the superstar talent that we have lined up.

Let’s get this ball rolling by introducing to you our first performer. He hails from the beautiful latin country of Chile, he now calls Vancouver B.C. his home away from home. He’s been rapping surrounded by talented artists like himself for quite some time in East Van, when he’s not putting his creative juices on paper, you can find him playing basketball, visiting with Family and friends in Chile or relaxing with Ossy Sr. having a cerveza after a long day of hard work.


Phizzo Entertainment and BLAK G3AR Apparel are proud to introduce to you OSSY the first competitor and finalist for February’s 2018 Ťhë Ťŕãñşđüçêŕ

* Update*

* Watch OSSY’s first video for week 1 of Ťhë Ťŕãñşđüçêŕ via Facebook event page now *

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