Ťhë Ťŕãñşđüçêŕ

Week #3 features a special topic and theme dedicated to one of the most amazing worldwide events that happens once every four years…The Olympics !!! Each Artist has taken their time carefully writing, performing and producing a video for this week’s entry…please take a minute today to watch, listen and read their lyrics so you can vote for your favorite performer!

Artist – #5 : @coleschisler
Beat : Testin Me
Beat maker : Madlib
Lyrics :

The olympics are shitty
Not so much the games more the committee
And the way they choose host cities it’s so silly
Just look at Rio, they built these facilities but can’t feed the people
Today most of the stadiums aren’t in use
While The committee continues to choose host cities without adequate venues
Don’t forget, 6 of the last 10 cities to host event went into debt
It happened in Athens, it happened in Sochi
It’s happening now so watch closely
The IOC got cos bidding billions for a competition
that’s viewership is dwindling, swindling money from their civilians
Enriching special interests, and complicit politicians
This isn’t what the original Olympians envisioned
Shakes the Prodigy
Blak Ace, Transducer
Teen Wolf
Kinetic Flow
Donut Licker Gang x4
If you like it you can lick again

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Check out his 45 second video now on Instagram courtesy of  🎼Ťhë Ťŕãñşđüçêŕ🎼 thru this link below.

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