Ťhë Ťŕãñşđüçêŕ

Week #3 features a special topic and theme dedicated to one of the most amazing worldwide events that happens once every four years…The Olympics !!! Each Artist has taken their time carefully writing, performing and producing a video for this week’s entry…please take a minute today to watch, listen and read their lyrics so you can vote for your favorite performer!

Artist – #7 : @sykes.music
Beat :
Lyrics :

Everyday Im on the road to the gold medal/ Ima get it and until I do I wont settle/ Like Usain Bolt Im on the track runnin laps/ Around any competition with these raps/ That means Im killin every single thing Im rappin on/ I only stop to aim at goals like a Biathalon/ There aint a single opportunity Im passin on/ Everyday I practice to improve the skills Im lackin on/ Yeah Im always pushin like Im speed skatin/ I hope you write down every record that I been breakin/ You been waitin, while Im dream makin/ Top 3 podium sweep thats what my team takin/ Got competitors scared I got they knees shakin/ I keep on dodgin red flags like Im ski racin/ Damn you really aint got it bro Im lackin interest/ Gold on my neck feel like I just won the rap Olympics

Feel free to; Comment on, Like and Share these posts with your family and friends. All I ask is please be respectful, share constructive criticism and cheer for your favorite performer. All negative comments will be deleted and if you only have negative energy to share please keep it to yourself. Thank you for your support and let’s have some fun y’all !

Check out his 45 second video now on Instagram courtesy of  🎼Ťhë Ťŕãñşđüçêŕ🎼 thru this link below.


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