Ťhë Ťŕãñşđüçêŕ

Wut it do my InstaGz… Welcome to the 4th and final round of…
🎼 Ťhë Ťŕãñşđüçêŕ 🎼
The topic and theme of this round is ” Breaking-up ” watch their videos, read their lyrics and vote now for your favourite Emcee.


Artist : @limitlismc

Lyrics :

Lyrics– it’s over bitch. Hit the road right quick. You ain’t sticking round here cause I’m sick of your shit. You’re a dirt bag, star fish, living breathing garbage. You made me heartless. Maybe the saying right. Men are all Martians. If girls are from Venus, then maybe go back there. Tried but I can’t care. Couldn’t give a sack hair. Anywhere you’re near, I will not go back there. Cheaters get the heater, cause their scum. And I’m done with em. They getting one in em. Pop pop, through the drop top of your mistress. I don’t get pissed, bitch. I get equal. Plus I never miss, just ask your people. The ones that I let live, better bear witnness Let this be a lesson to anybody whose listening. If you’re unfaithful. You make the hit list. Our planet would be better off minus your existence. That’s what I’m here for, making the difference.

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Check out his 45 second video now on Instagram courtesy of  🎼Ťhë Ťŕãñşđüçêŕ🎼 thru this link below.

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