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I’m proud to introduce to you the hottest up and coming solo Rap artist. Blak Ace is well known in Vancouver’s hip hop, urban and rap culture. He sounds like nothing you’ve ever heard before, with west coast slang, world class beats and an unforgettable stage presence, he’s capable of moving any crowd. He takes pride in being a Canadian musician and with the release of his latest album Heavenz Gates and his debut music video ‘ My Passion ‘ he is poised to take the throne in Canadian Hip Hop.

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Blak Ace – Rap Artist / Hip Hop Emcee



Blak Ace is a rap artist, hip hop emcee and entrepreneur who is well known in the Vancouver Hip Hop music scene for making rap music and hip hop music and also for producing Vancouver’s Only Teen Night Club called ‘ PHIZZO ‘ from 2001 to 2006.

Blak Ace was born and raised in Vancouver, B.C. . He grew up in a torn family environment that was mended by his mother who raised him, his older brother and two younger sisters as a single mother. He grew up playing sports, working in TV and Film as a background extra and also as an entrepreneur with many diverse street style hustles. He started writing poetry at an early age, in his teenage years he was often found rapping and freestyling lyrics with his closest friends at house parties. This all developed in to an opportunity when he recorded his first EP produced by Henri Brown ( Jimi Hendrix’s first cousin ). Over the years, he went on to record two more underground albums with two rap groups OCP – Out Cold Players and T.R.U.B.L.E.

With all this experience and knowledge, he put together his latest and most recent project ‘ Heavenz Gates ‘ which is his debut as a solo artist to the music industry. He worked with many talented musicians to create the album that he sold mostly on the streets. The album featured producers like Kegan Clark and EQJ ( Junior ), singers like Amanda Maiden ( God daughter to the famous Chaka Khan ) and Resa Candice a Canadian R & B singer from Calgary, Alberta. With the recent release of his debut album, his hit single “ My Passion “ was the first song that he produced a music video for that was shot in Vancouver. The debut music video was edited and directed by an underground videographer named Mike Mogardo and it feature the young and talented actress/model Alisha O’Neil. The music video and hit single has gained some local and international exposure exceeding over ten thousand views on YouTube and over five thousand spins on SoundCloud, a music website that hosts popular and also independent releases.

Blak Ace is currently working on a brand new EP produced by Juno award winning producer DJ KEMO from the RASCALZ and is focused on touring in the new year, continuing to follow his path in the music industry by sharing his life, experiences and music with the world.

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