Blak Ace’s Body Positive Promotional Modeling Campaign – 2017


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BODY POSITIVE Promotional Campaign. This is a special promotion of new products from Blak Ace’s online store. What makes this campaign unique in its’ own way is the ” Body Positive ” aspect. This new campaign is inspiring models to lose the beauty standards and embrace all of their natural curves and stripes. The #acezangelz – “My Passion Modeling & Music” campaign involves women of all shapes, sizes and ethnicities. The goal of this campaign is to show women that regardless of size, beauty is a standard created by self-confidence not by numbers on a scale. We are encouraging women from around the world to take part in this campaign by wearing any of Blak Ace’s t-shirts. Show your support today for #acezangelz and the #bopocamp by joining the new “My Passion Modeling & Music” BODY POSITIVE movement.


I was excited to do this type of campaign because I wanted to show my support for women being body positive in the modeling industry while promoting my brand and merchandise. After some brief research and some networking with my support system, I knew that I had made the right decision to incorporate women and the sharing of a positive message.


With the support of my fans, followers, friends and family, I have started the campaign through social media by having my supporters submit their photos and videos of them wearing BLAK ACE merchandise. They’ve been posting and sharing their visuals while using the popular hashtags ” #acezangelz ” and” #bopocamp ” to promote the BODY POSITIVE campaign. I encourage all of you to show your support by getting one of the  T-Shirts today. Then submit your photo or video using the popular hashtags ” #acezangelz ” or” #bopocamp ” to be shared on social media via BLAK ACE’s online network.


  #acezangelz / #bopocamp

This Campaign will feature some amazingly talented models, fans and supporters of the Body Positive Modeling Campaign. We will be posting and tagging all submitted photos from our social following and fan base.  With their involvement the ” My Passion Modeling & Music ” movement will encourage many others from around the world to take part in what we are creating.


A body positive image is something that women have been promoting around the globe for years, with size gradually becoming only a number, women are learning to embrace their natural curves daily. We believe in promoting self-confidence, great positive energy and a form of healthy living throughout our fans and followers of the campaign.


The term ” body positive ” generally refers us to a visual of a ” fat “, curvy, voluptuous woman taking charge of any and all situations with her sexual confidence. Our focus is promoting modeling and music by creating visuals from women with their shared passions through fun photography. Developing this campaign with eye catching imagery and genuine beauty has built a foundation for future followers and supporters. The job of a body positive photo is to stop someone in their tracks with stunning attention grabbing visuals that would urge someone to stop and think about the message being delivered.


The core of our message is simple; The sincerity of beauty comes in all forms, shapes, colors and cultures. Embracing our flaws and building a better ” You ” are the keys to accepting our imperfections and freeing our minds from social image pressure. The greatest part of this Body Positive Promotional T-Shirt Campaign is the variety in women and body types being presented in the BLAK ACE brand, highlighting ethnic diversity through size and curves. Join these women in celebrating naturally curvy women and help us celebrate the BLAK ACE brand while encouraging women around the world to be body positive.