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Jan. 01, 2016

Happy New Year Facebook Fam n Friends!!! Wishing all y’all Health, Wealth and Inner Peace…Believe in yourself, See yourself and Love yourself this year!!!

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January 02, 2016 – Worldwide – Part I

I’m on deck in the track y’all get hit with bats

I laced my first LP and this ones phat

Played the cards that I was delt and left these fools in a rush

Blak Ace I got’em stuck with the royal flush

Down the toilettes and drains chicks cleaning the pipes

You can ask KC he’ll say that’s right

We hold it down in my city like the ball and chain

You let bitches hold you back I got bitches in the game

Nigguz act like they don’t know

Bet you fuckers gonna believe after Blakjak’s show

Treat the crowd like some pussy and proceed to fuck it

Blak Ace I got plenty of game so you know i’m gonna bump it

I bring the funk on the beat that you could only dream

Scooped the hoes of the turf I got that ice cream

I keep my nose clean i’m one sixty lean

ND’s Blak Ace Source magazine

Turn up your radio and listen to me

Blak Ace rocking airwaves and frequencies

Worldwide DJ’s keep spinning the beat

On the block they hear the tunes that shaking the street

– Blak Ace


January 07, 2016 – The Pinch

Simplicity, I Manage my fears

Walk thru life with ambitions that get reduced to tears

Let sun break on my horizon every day im blessed

Release the pain n pressure by the way we express

Nothing more nothing less what you see is what you get

1 day at time on this mountain of success

– Blak Ace


January 03, 2016 – Go Hard – Part I

I go hard on them pimpin nigga stay counting cash

Everyday every dollar they be tricking on that ass

When it pass watch it glow there it goes Work it slow mo

She’s a pro on the pole going hard for some mo

Captain mo spice rum sip that in my cup

Hennessy Patron yes ma’am fill it up

Silicon tight and toned southern bell redbone

VanCity home grown twisted like a cyclone

Working hard in them heels nipples hard wind is chill

Go hard keep it real Go hard pay your bills

Go hard in the gym keep it fit keep it trim

Go hard on the floor yoga positioning

My nigguz they hit the block and slang hard

Pimping she hits the blade and goes hard

Women they hit the mall and shop hard

Bitches they catch a trick and Go hard

On the regular in the club strip joint in a pub

Posted at the bar smelling fresh up out the bathtub

Catch a date make them break lobster shrimp and steak

If he’s fake let’em flake grind hard for the cake

– Blak Ace


January 04, 2016 – Freaky Girlz

She’s a super freak miss kitty cat

Tramp stamp tatty on her back

Always dolled up looking fresh

Stilleto pumps in a mini dress

So seductive the way they smile

No panties on now that’s my style

Kissing her girlfriend and do it again

Yo they do it again at the club every weekend

Party all night and powder they nose

When the X kicked in she hit the pole

Up and down round and round

Bounce that ass make money fall to the ground

Thirty two triple D thirty two G

The bigger the bust that’s a bitch for me

Get that paper work that game

With a stage name she entertain

– Blak Ace


January 05, 2016 – My Passion – Part I

Muzik is my passion I live it and breath it

Record it the studio so you can receive it

Let my heart N soul shine perform all the time

I’m underground undiscovered never signed

Sacrifice my life still counting the loses

Get the money up for the show no matter the costs

Put Phizzo on the map and made me a stage

Creativity from blunts that me N Snake Eyz blazed

Started off with sixty N did it for five years

Four hundred plus we had a few good years

Just like tires we keeping this rolling

New ideas N concepts you know we ain’t folding

Last minute productions was something so special

Young amateurs pulling up in a rental

Stepped the game switched it up now we Amp It Up

Lunch time at your high school now we crank it up

Muzik is my passion flowin out ya speakerz

Creative foot steps following a true leader

Muzik is my passion flowin out ya speakerz

Follow your dreams and your heart if you’re a true believer

– Blak Ace


January 06, 2016 –  Pimp My Ride  – Part I

Yo I walked up in your life and said what’s up

Can I get a table for two in the cut

Pick up where she left off stepped off

Some had to get lost all bets off

This like the never ending chapter

Fatal attraction love disaster

Kick game like Karate master

And we can break dance to the ghetto blaster

– Blak Ace


January 08, 2016 – What’s Your Name – Part I

What’s your name baby girl i’m trying to find out

So we can set a time for us to sit and work it out

Large amounts bank accounts got a plan we can bounce

Differents spots new blocks new shoes out the box

Hand glisten with the rocks cause shawdi make it pop

Relationships summer love and it’s hot

Heartbreaking like Mariah Carey

Ready for the right man she wants to get married

Kings and Queens in the kingdom of love lust

Jealousy and envy making the trust bust

What’s your phone number can you come to my address

So I can show you the fastest way you can undress

Mind body and soul the future is gold

From the blade to the pole two four seven on the go

Together we grow living life getting old

Let the haters keep talking while we talking baby What’s your name

– Blak Ace


January 09, 2016 – Snakes of Life

Carbon copies… they imitate full of flattery

Life after death eternal power in my battery

I walk with my demons and heartless souls

Their fake stories leave me burning like the frostbit cold

Tear me down build me up… Fake friends fornicate

They’re stealing my emotions til my foundation shakes

That’s when I stand tall on this mountain of perseverance

My haters collapse when they hear about my appearance

I let my mind spell it out the writings on the wall

It takes a lifetime to create and only 1 mistake to fall

-Blak Ace


Jan. 10, 2016 – War Within

My own bestfriend, my worse enemy

Nightmares stain my mind with calligraphy

The script of my demons saved by an Angel

Food for your thoughts come eat at my table

General, Corporal, Sargeant I’m something major

Military mindset combat anialator

Fresh erbs of my garden roll it up cultivate

Egos and attitudes just because you feeling great

Down and out I’ve been there and done that

Kick me when I’m down and I will come right back

No sympathy my energy is like a remedy

Positive vibes in my tribe from my recipe

The best of me has yet to be seen

I’m live on every set, welcome to my dreams

I make em scream…Blak Ace ( ×2 )

I make em scream…Blak Ace ( ×2 )

Come join my Team We winning every race

Gettin paper everyday any time any place

– Blak Ace


January 11, 2016 – Watchful Eye

Take my breath away, let me fly with the birds

We’re distracted by possessions and the lessons we learn

Just a puppet on the string no need for concerned

He died on the cross their witch craft burned

You can have faith for sins we’ve been oppressed

Only God can judge me with the only eye left

We’re blind to the fact they distract and mislead

A New World Order in effect their message received

They plot plan and proceed from a table of light

I fight to pay the bills they control the life

We hear what they want see what they tell

In a cave with reception like phones in jail

Buildings fall explosives implode lives get taken

I pray to the Heavenz but it’s like no one is listening

If you can’t beat’em you should join’em Wherever they at

I put my hands together to make a sign like that

– Blak Ace



January 12, 2016  –  Lost in Time

Drowning, but no water around me

Lock behind steel doors trusting nobody

Daily dabs shadow boxing throwing jabs

2 bunks 4 walls trap by concrete slabs

Eat sleep breath push weights repeat

Make a call every Sunday once a week

2 years less a day in the hour glass

Inside outside life still will pass

Living a nightmare 1 can only dream

Working for pennies to pay my canteen 

I back down let em win bite my tongue

Get out don’t look back my time is done

-Blak Ace


January 13, 2016 – Sign of The Times

We advance and proceed to the next level

Heavenz Gates dance with the devil

Rotary phones and arcade games

Smoke where you want this life ain’t the same

Pager on the hip and cellular phones

Lowriders on the strip candy paint and chrome

Robson street heat summer time vibes

White rock beach off the peer we dive

Cassette tapes play back or get chewed up

Bums on the street change in they cups

Richard’s On Richrads, Club #7, Loft Six

Purple Onion, Sonar, GM Place in the mix

Where the Grizzlies at feel those Memphis Blues

Vancouver showed a pulse Stanley Cups we lose

Molson Indy and Hooters we lost our way

Our city blew up with the internet change

-Blak Ace


January 14, 2016 – Reflection of Reflections

Look in the mirror my reflection is well

Takes me back through the times when my vision was hell

Blurry still blinded by the facts of my rolling rear view

No regrets though dwell on chances of seeing you

Missing you just a part of the daily routine

I go on and push on lyrics still in my dreams

We write our own songs a limitless bond

You bring the light to my fire brought me direction i’m calm

When I was absent minded you peeled me with grace

Kept me humble when I was flashing they disrespected my face

Made me appreciate the losses when my position was tight

I mourn the day you left yet we celebrated the night

I refined myself to get your attention from my name

Household like products we use to live it the same

Like a piano without keys i’m empty and motionless

My desire every hour from the Gods i’ve been blessed

-Blak Ace


January 15, 2016 – Amazing – Part I

She’s a Polish Princess but she ain’t ready for me

So I came through the back with a stolen key

Pick the lock to her heart like a locksmith

This is one B & E that she won’t forget

See I’m a burglar hit’em in the night time

Milk man hit’em in the day time

Catch’em off guard they least expect it

My game is on stealth mode undetected

I seen her by the Beamer out front the cleaners

Greek Goddess like with a body like Athena

Sexy classy a straight A+ book worm

Working at the law firm her legs be so firm

Said she had a job and she’s independant

Chanel glasses on with the matching pendant

I showed her like a pimp how to get them chips

Real talk shawdi cause it’s time to dip

– Blak Ace


January 16, 2016 – Rules of Engagement ( R.O.E. ) – Part I

Number one rule in this game trust nobody

Give your trust and end up a dead body

You can earn it but no I won’t give it

I learned my lesson straight up sucker fucking committed

To a work ethic G code say nothing don’t know

Take one for the fam we can get mo

I know the concept I get the principal

So I’m a stand solo individual

Criminal spiritual guided by my soul

Poetry and rap since thirteen years old

Blessed with a talent gripping the mic

Perform at every club on their hip hop nights

Working two jobs I was only eighteen

Somethings gotta change I want to live out my dreams

Flipped the green for the cash twisted yae in to knots

Trim the crop for the block I was hitting the spots

Make it pop like E we party for free

This was meant for me a child of destiny

Number one rule in this game you can’t give a fuck

When I accepted this greatness that left me touched

Broke out on the scene like a shiift and clutch

Got addicted to this cash like it’s angel dust

– Blak Ace


January 17, 2016 – Your Eyes – Part I

Everyday I’m with you

I look in to your eyes

You give me that healing

How you make me feel inside

Every single pleasure

Captivated by your smile

Reminds me why I’m so in love with you

Let me start with hello how you doing

I seen the magic in your motion the way that your body moving

Could you spare for me an hour of time

I want to bless you with my mind real loves so hard to find

Personality and swagger top of my list

I’m trying to bag her compliment the realest chick

Friends first let’s talk so we can build a foundation

Let the size of your chest interrupt conversations

I love your smile I like the way that you wink

I know them thoughts on your dirty mind I know how you think

Great minds think alike I’m down with that

I see you good on your own and i’m holding a stack

Can I take you for a drink make you dinner or coffee

We can go for a pic nic where the wind blows softly

Just you and me, me and you one on one

More fun get it done our time has just begun

– Blak Ace


January 18, 2016  –  This is Six Oh Four

Hustlaz Bosses Macks Gangstaz

Pimps about that money we just want that Playboy bunny

So we tryin to get chose we just want to get mo

Holla at the next hoe this is six oh four

Hustlaz Bosses Macks Gangstaz

Pimps about that money we just want that Playboy bunny

So we holla eh hoe we just want to get mo

See you at the next show this is six oh four

I’m a hustla by nature you know my pedigree

Real P.I. last of a dying breed

I be switching them up like trains on the track

She’s going forth while the other one coming back

Going coast to coast like CP Rail

Either hell or jail my brother Allan post bail

I’m back with the demon sipping smoking and breathing

Writing spitting and dreaming every day of the season

Cost to be the Boss take a hit and take a loss

Every day I’m hustling like Rick Ross

Macking like Too Short Gangsta like Jeezy

Slick like Rick shawdi pimping ain’t easy

West coast bad boy VanCity living

You can’t yank the plug on the vibe that I’m bringing

She singing for the crown they want to hunt me now

And lock my wrists and shut me down

– Blak Ace


Jan. 19, 2016   –   My Grace

Distant feeling lost and unappreciated

Words move me to the edge and leave me captivated

We on the same team even share the same color

Why is it that I must jump through your hoops to be a stand up brother

Bad enough I get judged from everyone else I get it

The common interests of our kind leave’s us exposed to gimmicks

Our sex is just the base to compatible exploration

We give up and move on with the ease of separation

Is this normal behavior have we gone insane

No baby mama drama dollars raising our children again

Attitudes are equal takes one to know one my Queen

Follow your King if he’s worthy in to the spotlight and scene

I can Cook, Clean and Create that’s not good enough for the date

But over a lifetime of commitment you will see that it’s great

Can I hold your purse for you while you shop and browse

Or just give you the keys to the truck and the house

-Blak Ace


January 20, 2016 – The Pole – Part I

Shaking that ass for the dollar bills

Drop it like it’s hot girl and show them skills

At the strip club this be real

Shawdi down for the team ready for the tip drill

Making that paper running her game

They tricking they tipping spending change

I make it rain she hits the stage

Walking in stilletoz with an ass for days

V.I.P. at Brandy’s The Penthouse be live

No more Cecil so we up at The Five

Vancouver to Montreal the game be live

Calgary to Fort Mac we on that grind

On the pole they grind backstage they shine

You can get an extra or you can buy some time

She looking fine that be my dime

Bounce that ass and back it up and make them press rewind

– Blak Ace

January 21, 2016 – ShoeHorn Inferno

Converse Chuck Ts Air Jordan 23

Shawdi at the mall on a shopping spree

In the club burning up the dance floor with me

Take it off it ain’t nothing but a G string

Take it off this ain’t nothing but a G string

Call the fire truck

Cause the beat so hot burn your sneakers up

-Blak Ace


January 22, 2016 – Fire in the Klub

The clubs on fire when I check in

Might hit the mic or I might just chill

Sip soak up the atmosphere

Posted in the lounge backstage affair

Got long hair you know i’m a snag it

I’m a negative to a positive magnet

This a natural chemical reaction

Protocol male and female

Mami so real I can see the detail

Mani Pedi that ain’t retail

Only designer Louis V nails

Marciano, Xau Bella, Prada stilleto Cinderella

On the dance floor she’s a killer dancer

Work the body out like a sex panther

Triple X playmate keeping it Gangster

-Blak Ace


January 23, 2016 – Call Me – Part I

I got a game plan check the program

Stacks by the hundred grand girl you got a rubber band

You should bring that not to tie your hair back

That elastic for the twenties in a G stack

Weed wrapped up Kush Poms and Zags

That bitch so stush with designer bags

She likes to go shopping she likes to play with that money

She likes to get it popping she got’em tricking like dummbies

With my knowledge guidance wisdom security

She walk and talk with a different maturity

Super model steez Apple Bottom jeans

West Indian breeze Island living dreams

Going worldwide this is so elite

My pimping runs so deep and now she feels complete

Physically Mentally Financially I got the game

Get at me Baby B if you want to make some change

-Blak Ace


January 24, 2016 – 2 Kool

I’m to cool got to much swag

Telling me to turn it down while i’m waving my flag

Represent the underground throwing up my rags

They ain’t ready for the steez so I’m popping my tags

Popping my collar fix up look sharp

Lyrics that we spit coming straight from the heart

You don’t have to play me and I still get play

Hear the funk out the trunk on the streets everyday

What you saying what you playing

Fire on the track so you know we blazing

DJ spinning she stay sinning

KC Blak Ace always pimping

Pouring up Bossing up

Hear this tune and turn it up

Around the world cross country and back

You can hear this track all over the map

-Blak Ace


January 25, 2016 – Dirty

I get’s dirty with it no nine to five

My hustle two four seven worldwide three sixty five

Hell yeah we about our paper here

Be about your paper here and shawdi you can sit right here

Serious about my cash like a heart attack

You playing games acting flaky get drop like that

No time for hating baby step to the sidelines

You on my level bring stilettos cause we on the grind

Do this on the daily mama if you a baby mama

I don’t need no bitch out here with coke head boyfriend bringing me drama

That’s why I stay selective to me she’s unprotected

She’s been so disrespected I know I can correct it

I kick that P game shawdi got the knowledge

Last year her best girlfriend turned out and dropped college

She’s in a tough spot and she got laid off

Tuition fees credit cards we can pay it off

It takes some dedication and some hard work

Hate me now love me later call me a jerk

I’m what you need in your life I can see it in your eyes

Bestfriend companion relationship no need to cry

-Blak Ace


January 26, 2016 – Hella Thick

I’m an out cold player baby girl let’s chill

Keep it real on the deal I’m all about the bills

Getting money from the honey stay buzzing like a bee

She getting paid for company and she bring it back to me

She keeps me frozen iced out so cold she’ll turn the lights out

Think you Mr. Right but she be Mrs. RightNow

Getting cash getting stacks shawdi game like that

No lying on her back I showed her game like that

Young fit stallion stiletto heels pounding

Live in the game and these tricks you be clowning

Sex appeal trick appeal sugar daddy status

Flexible bendable positions on the mattress

Next top model with an hourly rate

She don’t need the TV homie she get that cake

I got a runway to walk and they call it the blade

You want to see a photo she got pics for days like woah

-Blak Ace


January 27, 2016 – WE

I took a chance on love this like a real hit

Like a quarterback sacked by a bad bitch

Pass me the ice pack I’m swelling up man

Now watch my blindside homie here she come again

She got a crazy steez and a filthy taste

Rockin Republic jeans Gucci frames on her face

She might look innocent but got that criminal mind

And when we on the grind shawdi she right beside me

-Blak Ace


January 28, 2016 – OverTime

Let me in pimping cause I be at your door

Banging streets and beats with hoes

Going hard and double that doe

Lose control and fall stand up and bounce back y’all

Never quit we always ball this is why my game so hard

From the bottom lip I spit this tip a script on getting rich

Then check a bitch stacking quick

Baby what type of work you in

Clocking cash no cheque bad credit no limit

Pay as you go visa card shawdi you can get it

Spend it daily everyday she pay me

Shop shopping like she crazy

Tricks tricking off my lady

Now they want to hang me and that’s ok

Heavenz Gates await

Working overtime with a playmate cause I’m

-Blak Ace


January 29, 2016 – Makin Fetti

This is my passion don’t get in my way

Can’t joke when I’m broke nigga I don’t play

The mic is my tool let me go to work

Been a hustler since school let me do my dirt

Skirts on the scene we pimp in full effect

Watch these bitches ditch them busters and break they necks

Intercept all passes when I’m playing the field

On the corner with the CD it’s just so real

I know they watching I’m clocking the music keep talking

The dollars keep stacking and traffic keeps walking

In this concrete jungle we strive to survive

Get paid by any means I’m living to die

So I live everyday like it’s my last

Hit’em hard like a punching bag from Everlast

Glass jaws get shattered mind over matter

They weak in the bladder I swing like batter

Hitting for home runs swinging for a grand slam laid out

Now you fucking with the wrong man

Cash rules everything around me y’all

Now if you play with my paper dog get ready to fall

You going down in the first round by TKO

You’ll be R.I.P. on the floor at the Motel

Yo I smash on the beat like teeth in the street

I use to play with my food but now I’m ready to eat you can find me

-Blak Ace


January 30, 2016 – What I Am

I graduated from high school with B’s and C’s

Pocket full of lint no university degree

Forget that my minds lock tight on rap

So bust that this little nigga want to get that

A cool million out of one paper dollar bill

Trying to make this motherfucking mic dream become real

Record deal no more McDonald’s happy meal

Take my family out tonight and footing the bill

Drinks all around for the players in my click

Straight Hennessy no more watered down bullshit

My desire for tight rides inquisitive minds

It ain’t a grip without a bank account line

What you find ain’t hard when you see it

But some peep it and reach beyond that point to teach it

So I preach it since I was younger G nigga

Coming up here in these northwest streets

-Blak Ace


January 31, 2016 – Party Jumpin

Holla back younging two four seven we thugging clubbing

Pull up for the show with the system still dumping

I hear them calling my name bouncers know my name

Blakjak up in the cut let’s do the damn thang

We on a mission to check her pelvis in position

She keeps wishing to be a part of this pimping

Shake your body ma like you really wanna

Move it like a snake ma damn and do like anaconda

The beat get’s hot B Diamond blow the spot

Leave them all exposed on these northwest blocks

-Blak Ace

February 01, 2016  –  6.0.4. Balla

I walk in my area stacked Six oh four you know we mack hoes

Zip locked the code ten toes big balling here on a track

West Rich Click got the heat coming from Stanley Mac

It’s official O.C.P. whip like a pistol

Blow more than a missile shinning like crystal

Fizziling champagne cause we ready to pop

These six oh four ballers we gonna run your block

And hit the spot with these skirts shooting the breeze

I guess it’s something here about these northwest G’s

Big balling in effect you can’t cock block it

And fuck all y’all out there who try and stop it

-Blak Ace


February 02, 2016  – Three Sixty Five

I put my chronic in the air I’m an Out Cold Player

Summer time in my hood got hoes they every where

Shawdi get checked skirts they get wrecked

Catch them all at the beach so hot they’ll make you sweat

Different kinds asians black girls caucasians

Robson street y’all these hoes ain’t playing

I’m a tell you right here pimping they don’t care

They love hip hop and got they hands in the air

Feel the vibe After six they know that we live

Getting high when we drive busting three sixty five

Every day all day getting high in the shade

Blak Ace I’m tailor made call me the Ace of spades

We go blaze six oh four all in a daze

Ask your next door neighbor about the chronic we made

B.C. I got the green serve it up for a fiend

Summer time the perfect time for me to get that cream

-Blak Ace


February 03, 2016  –  Gangster Tip – Part I

Who got beef I crack teeth you want drama

But there’s no peace in the streets dog

Sypol hold me down with the heat

Niggaz get smacked in the face

Like bitches they turn the other cheek

Don’t understand why niggaz act like they dangerous

They’re pussies I got rounds nigga don’t push me

For everyone in your click I’ll slip one in your bitch

Like Bruce Willis nigga I’m on some die hard shit

My method of operation kill or be killed in any situation

Never to cease paper chasing cultivating a crop that grow

We out cold in the six oh four I got that dro I got that blow I got that X

Polar bear pimping fosho now tell me player which bitch is next

-Blak Ace


February 04, 2016  –  Broken Dreams

Memories lay vacant in the distance
Confused frustrated by persistance
No results no success comes effortless
Destructive my criticism is relentless
Another product overlooked underestimated
Goals my dreams together they’ve been calculated
That empty feeling is overwhelming justified
Shooting blanks while their guns all certified
What does it take to get to be who you want to be
Nothing comes easy simplicity the death of me
Another no another opportunity wasted
No open doors giving up is the statement
Will I receive the sign or just watch as they pass by
God only knows but everyday stand up and try
-Blak Ace
February 05, 2016  –  The Man  –  Part I
It’s a cold world and it’s freezing out here
Everyday it gets tougher like the past few years
Win some lose some still you advance
Live and learn my nigga we taking a chance
Been rough from the start that’s how I got this heart
Coming from a broken home that’s been ripped a part
Two sisters one brother a dog and a mother
My memories are so shady I can’t think of the other
I stand my ground like a man, building this muscle
Shuffle with the hustle putting together my puzzle
If I wrote a book it would be called this
The Jigsaw with a million pieces
It’s where you from y’all not where you going dog
You ain’t been through shit you ain’t going very far
I didn’t have time out I had to work in the yard bitch
Pull them weeds or I’m getting my ass kicked
-Blak Ace


February 06, 2016

I keep it low like tires sharp like barbwire

Got more funk in my dunk then that nigga Isaiah Rider

Number one bitch finder in my click

When we hit the block these hoes know who they fucking with

Separating your grill from your motherfukcing gums

Hit the highway with some drank now I’m on the run

I see them coming within my rearview

They transparent like glass so these busters I’m gonna run through

Trying to mess with a player right here

I left a cracker boy with black eyes and a pair of blue ears

Keep swinging at these busters til the day I go down

It don’t matter the place and time nigga I’m ready to throw down

That ain’t shit fully loaded like some artillery

Disconnect your head and your neck from your capillaries

These nigguz settle capers and flee on the scene

Unmarked tags in a seven eight green machine

-Blak Ace


February 07, 2016  –  Ready For Them  –  Part I

I wasn’t ready for them but they was ready for me

That’s the last time niggaz get the best of me

Some lessons you learn by the streets it ain’t cheap

It could cost you your life or a couple of G’s

Hopefully your like me learn from your mistakes

I use to run them red lights now I pump my breaks

Don’t gamble if the cause ain’t worthy of such

If your quarterback scrambles I’m leaving her touched

This ain’t a video game there’s no instant replay

You can’t call a time out challenge the last play

Everyday we make choice stand behind that

I’m living by the voice and the name is BlakJak

Hutsler, Player, Rapper with a sick flow

Mackin hoes stacking doe pimpin fo sho with And Yo!

This time I came prepared

If the doe ain’t there playboy we ain’t square

-Blak Ace


February 08, 2016  –  It’s On When It’s On  –  Part I

I came to get it on and represent

Me and my nigguz making dollars from common sense

With the papers and pads, beats in the lab

These lyrics I jab, break’em down like a slab

Til there’s nothing to slang, no one to entertain

No more shows so I’m a let the mic hang

Cocaine, snow blow what ever you call it

I’m a flip me a bird my wing man’s solid

I got that connect like AT&T

Don’t speak on the wire use a Blackberry

Send me that signal when your in distress

I pick up the S.O.S. and throw on a vest

I’m in the game getting money with a killer flow

I ain’t no serial rapist but I snatch these hoes

When times getting money you should stack your doe

Right now I’m on the grind and I’m hustling dro

-Blak Ace


February 09, 2016  –  Time For Tears

I been knocked down face in the dirt

I dust myself off and get back to this work

No rest with these tears of my blood sweat and glory

You want to get to know me here my shoes hear my story…

-Blak Ace


February 10, 2016  –  Colvin Latimer Impressions

I was born this way and that’s a fact
My skin color might be different they call me Blak
Slowly climbing up the ladder of this totem pole of power
We need to come together first be a team every hour
Celebrate our heritage and our culture
Not to relive the painful times and the torture
We acknowledge all of that and then some
Use those losses that we’ve suffered to motivate everyone
So many levels on the record, you can find us
With Claudette Colvin at the back of the bus
We’ve had to stand tall overcome the negativity
God is our witness to health and longevity
My faith we believe the world we leaved touched
Celebrities make the standards that be trending at lunch
I’m inspired by Black inventors and entertainers
From Lewis Latimer to the Black smith with a hammer
We need educate for some that’s why they fail to relate
Others elevate above the rim of this hate
Negroes Negus Black history so relevant
Everyday I’m Black and proud down to the last cent
-Blak Ace
February 11, 2016  –  Pass Me By
Now I can recall being that youngster taking that bus to the mall
Downtown to kick it with my dogs
We use to where the same fits rocking that Cross-Colors
And didn’t care we holla at the same chick
Liptsick my dick be the remover
Northwest hospitality dog that’s Vancouver
High school thugs lunch time on drugs
She’s sixteen daydreaming of puppy love
But not me I’m at the court and shooting ball
In the park after dark we blazed it all
Rough times I lost a lot along the way
I hold my head up and pray for another day
-Blak Ace
February 12, 2016  –  LOST
Escort services massage parlours
Tricks paying these hoes out here top dollars
Felxing they cheques nigga dropping they’re change
Hoes here break’em down with that inside game
Long range pimpin outcalls supply the driver
The money keeps coming nigga you pull an all nighter
From basement suites to condos penthouses film studios
Even rented houses spent hours in the cut
Write these flows blowing this dro
To me this shit right here comes so El natural
Pickin’ em up bring’ em back High and low track
Up and down Kingsway and it’s like that
-Blak Ace
 February 13, 2016  –  Good Times
Have faith believe in us and we will grow
Happy y’all here welcome to my show
I write record and perform this my trade
Provides me good times in every way
When life is tough its my only escape
I fight and claw for success thru red tape
The Good The Bad The Ugly pain is real
Been thru the hard knocks know the deal
Sacrifice is bold no risk no reward
My life in the balance double edge sword
All the moments add up leaving a mark
I choose to never lose my ignition sparks
My support team my people got my back
Thru every up and down they all react
With love respect and honor on the grind
I’m blessed everyday with Good times
-Blak Ace
February 14, 2016
Happy Valentine’s Day Poem 
– Ęťêŕñåĺ Łøvë & Èñđlęsş Pàsśïõń –
We all want someone special to hold and kiss
That unique individual who’s presence we miss
Their love and affection comes second to none
With a great sense of humour they tickle us numb
So many bright sunny days walking together as one
The overcast and clouds can’t ruin our fun
The rain starts to fall they give us a reason to smile
They make our lives complete walking down the aisle
Hold her purse carry his child we do for each other
We celebrate the love we share and respect one another
On this special day here we let our actions talk
We believe what we trust blinded when we walk
The look in their eyes makes us giddy and sway
Here’s a hug here’s a kiss on Valentine’s Day
-Blak Ace
February 15, 2016  –  Judge Me  –  Part I
Refuse to lose my attitude when I shit this
Breaking’em down proper these nigguz gonna respect this
Gangster putting shit down to a square bitch
P.I.M.P. so you know that I’m staying rich
Thugging for cheddar out the Sellar we ain’t going back
Twelve nigguz and a jury you don’t want that
-Blak Ace
February 16, 2016  –  The Game  –  Part I
Laced up the Nike shoes with jeans sagging from my hips
Quick to jump up in my ride it’s time for some mob shit
Talk is cheap hater where I’m from
Cause if you lack the nack to scrap then you packing a gun
Some of them love to run I chase them down with my dogs
These busters get smoked in the presence of a street hog
I stay above the law smooth not to get caught
Drinking straight up liquor held up in this road block
-Blak Ace
February 17, 2016  –  Blaze It Up  –  Part I
Chop chop who got the green for my swisha
Blak Ace bout to make you see the picture
A thousand words and all y’all getting served
Not enough hoes sitting out here on the curb
To get my cash so I can smoke on big green
In the back of my broke down Cadillac limousine
Smoked out interior OCP up on the FM
Puffing hard like a chief so ain’t no stressing
Second guessing never losing focus
I got the highest grade of weed that you could ever smoke with
All potent like a bag or hash
You got the cash then nigga I supply the grass
Get the soil the lights and do it yourself
When you get there player tell me how’s your wealth
Made men that grown on a leaf
Made men that flow on beat After six putting bud in the streets
-Blak Ace
February 17, 2016  –  My Business
I’m an entrepreneur homie this is my business
Every single day my nigga we handle business
Mic game cook game pimp game that’s game
Add’em up shawdi my nigga we do big things
Hoe hunting so we getting our mack on
Haters want to trip so we getting our scrap on
I’m on the grind hitting hard here on the daily
At first she wants to pay me she think she can play me but
This time my nigga what time is it
I came here to stack me a whole gang of chips
Every time my nigga what time is it
I came here to get me the finest bitch
-Blak Ace
 February 18, 2016  –   Blak Voices
Close your eyes you can hear the screams of the oppressed
The weeping of tears visible scars on their flesh
War cries of thousands when they attack
Combat started by whispers behind facts
We relax when we hear angels sing
The voice in our heads keep us in the ring
Round after round pound for pound
No guts no glory swim til we drown
The struggle is real we can’t remain silent
Blood sweat and tears our lives turn violent
Beat us up and tear us down everyday they try it
Rodney King was no accident in the south they riot
Black live matter and whites do too
One day we’ll get past the history we been through


Forgive don’t forget what’s real is foul

Rise above with our voices and make us proud

-Blak Ace


February 19, 2017 – The MouthPiece

The BC rain drowning my streets flooding my game

Got me mad as hell throwing more hooks than Sugar Shane

At these suckers on the sidelines they hating on mines

But in do time we going to blow these motherfuckers minds

And make history nothing but raps we devour

Every hour high calibre weapons keep us in power

Rocking shows in the 604 my green on the grow

From a seed to a bud leaf checking the flow

And what they know ain’t shit cause we be complicated

Dedicated to this life I live and still be hated

Most dangerous got my scope locked aiming this

Shatter your whole rap career bitch you can’t hang with us

On chunky ass beats nigga cock block that

Lyrics take no time to make they first contact

On your back like a turtle jumping fences and these hurtles

Underground athlete you can’t compete on the mouth piece

–  Blak Ace


February 20, 2016 – Sinful Situations

Causing chaos from the ruckus and commotion

Bottles get broken nigguz get knocked for what they spoken

Open up them graveyards open up them cell bars

Look death right in the eye I ain’t afraid y’all

You gangster nigga then pull your piece nigga

You wanksta nigga then pick up your teeth nigga

Don’t get caught by the cheap shot I won’t swing

Situations get hot the nine milli sing

Retaliation is a must

Nigguz can’t come back when they lay in the dust

Shells they bust quick at the speed of sound

Double cross me and you won’t be found

Paramedics on the scene when we come around

Black hearse rolls up and we stepping out

If you ain’t ready to die then don’t start shit

Pay backs a motherfucker and life’s a bitch


– Blak Ace

February 21, 2016 – Truble


Anger a substance filled with adrenaline

Present in the moment when beef begins

It kicks in for manslaughters and robberies

This juice we sip Truble’s what we breed

I’m a rider player hating nigguz don’t let me find ya

I’ll come to a real slow creep run up on ya

United with my posse til death do us part

If you don’t want no part nigga don’t start

I didn’t find Truble, Truble found me

All the shit we go through and there’s more than three

It’s so amazing what this life has to offer

Every experience making you stronger

Pain is real the hunger in these lyrics you feel

Understand the reasons why some nigguz kill

People watch us in the street you know how we hustle

If you looking for me nigga you looking for Truble


– BlakAce



February 23, 2016 –   Criminal Minds


Criminal minded my intent is evil

When you fucking with me there won’t be no sequel

Dead in the gutter toe tagged on the gurney

Breaking every bone have you waiting for surgery

Ruthless like Eric Wright want to fist fight

I’ll shatter your face with a lead pipe

Every strike lights out call me James Toney

Eat the competition up like macaroni

Stacking cheese like Kraft you can do the math

This ain’t one on one we jumping in on your ass

It’s Friday night you getting knocked the fuck out

Like IceCube and Deebo face down in the streets now

I can’t stop I got a lot of anger

Didn’t your mom ever tell your not to fuck with strangers

Dangers my middle name you ain’t the same

When I’m bringing the pain that’s the end of your game


– Blak Ace



February 24, 2016   –   Three Strikes


Trust lies benefit of the doubt

When the third strike hits bitch you know you out

At a full count that’s your last mistake

Rules we break like promises and first dates

If you cheat when I creep we lose sleep that’s weak

You speak to other dudes on the phone every week

When I’m not around you getting twisted in evening

Fronting and teasing I’m only gone for the weekend

Kick it at the club with these scrubs and theses thugs now

Doing body shots with the lime in your mouth wow

Don’t really know what you was thinking bout

If you disrespect me then I’m turning your ass out

I fuck and duck chuck a bitch quick if I have to

Got that insurance bitch you know that I had to

Catch me pimping with a filthy hoe

If the bitch ain’t looking classy then the bitch gotta go nigga


– Blak Ace


February 25, 2016   –   Red Light Special


Turn me up on the radio you know how I do it

Keep the sound system dumping to that red light muzik

Twenty two’s Fifteens in your trunk bitch

Keep them sprewell’s spinning to that real shit

Rear view vibrating shawdi shaking up a storm quick

Red panty line grinding with a filthy chick

Slick with the game and she’s feeling the same

Caught her at the cross walk with the red light fame

Bend a few corners and make a come back

Bitches get caught like passes from a quarterback

C.J. T.O. you need to get with me

I’m in the end zone with three hoes going deep

Roll down the window my indo is stays burning

When the pavement gets pounded heads keep turning

I’m a shark in the water so look out for me

At the red light flossin with my company


– Blak Ace


February 26, 2016 – Keep Falling


Drive pride power determination

Procrastination no hesitating the street’s waiting

Anticipating the next situation

Marinating soaking up my situation

Vancouver where it rains all the time

My car’s stalling I hit the block on the grind

Paper chasing just a part of the game

If you end up broke then blame it on the rain

Like, Milli Vanilli I got that ice cream

This everyday life making muzik is a dream

In an urban jungle the lion strive to survive

Takes risk and sacrifice to pay the price

This is my calling like a musketeer

We all in for each other we have no fear

This year we straight hustle to make your bong bubble

With the hash in the stash you ready for Truble nigga


– Blak Ace


February 27, 2016 – Dirty Deeds


Call me Robin Hood Prince of Thieves

Plotting and planning get rich type of schemes

Roll up my sleeves blaze up a plan

Put positions for people on the diagram

Waiting by the staircase wearing a ski mask

Adrenaline pumping take a shot of my flask

Red rum on my breath I know how to act

This car jack just turned in to a kidnap that’s a fact

I made em put on the cuffs

With the silencer there won’t be no bluffs

Roll out of the underground everything safe and sound

Got to meet my peoples when lunch time comes around

So we can eat and discuss the ransom

A few for myself a stack for my grandson

That’s the reason why we make these moves

I got to pay my bills and get some new shoes


– Blak Ace


February 28, 2016 –   Green Sticky


The party don’t start til the needle drops

We the reason why the muzik in this bitch don’t stop

Truble’s in the building we got that sound

With the ladies on the dance floor we holding’em down

With the mic in one hand blunt in the other

Put it together girl we high as a motherfucker

Hear my lyrics and feel this beat

From the back of the club to the line up down street

V.I.P. that’s how the status be

Let the vibe we provide hypnotize you like B.I.G.

Catch the rhythm and flow ride the wave

We blaze that dro in every kind of way

It’s a similar high to that substance that’s sticky

Green like the frog we got the hop from the hippies

It ain’t the sixties but we got that haze

We out here skating getting high everyday


– Blak Ace



February 29, 2016 – Back In The Day


High school reunion class of ‘97

Forty peepz posted up by the 7-11

Watch out for the cops sweeping the block

You can tell by the smell who’s got the crop

And it don’t stop this is B.C.

Known for crashing house parties and burning trees

Home of West Rich Click and OCP

Better lock your daughter down when we out in the street

She’s a real freak she likes to disobey

Sneak out at night time skip school in the day

Reminisce of first kiss spinning the bottle

Sipping beers with my peers living life at full throttle


– Blak Ace


March 01, 2016 – High Calibre


You fucking my bitch you must have a death wish

Charles Bronson magnum leave your body stiff

Nine inch blade cut from ear to ear

You dying tonight plan on meeting god this year

You ain’t no gangster you soft like a sponge

All the big talk you got knocked by the first punch

Yeah that’s just how it is

The bigger they are got’em falling quick in this biz

Ooooh…We doing the fool

Don’t make me act stupid and pull out the tool

Shit it’s the end of the line

You bout to get beat by the hands of time

Eternal bleeding making you succumb to death

On the respirator choking spitting your last breath

With I.V. dripping your fam straight tripping you robbed them nigguz

That’s why them shells shitting on you nigga


– Blak Ace



March 02, 2016 – Still Drunk


You sip I sip til we all fall down

Getting loaded looking fresh for a night on the town

Where you from girl that’s not important right now

We came to party girl I’m only here for a while

Til the functions crunk and freaks come out

No pussy getting nigguz still trying to throw down

Them no pussy getting nigguz on the sidelines now

I’m on the floor with a whore dressed in Christian Dior

Looking so fine my dime Chardonnay red wine

Game time intercept all passes like prime time

I shine like that necklace on her neck

We bump and grind to R. Kelly til she’s wet


– Blak Ace


March 03, 2016 – Don’t Let Me Go


This is my life I got to live with that

Some people will betray you and hold you back

Hard to imagine where your feet will take you

Five years from now she wants to say I do boo

Thank you for half of everything that you made

And if you ain’t made then nigga she won’t stay

Don’t waste your time resort to crime

Go legit catch a new bitch or nickel and dime

I won’t resign in my mind these rhymes they won’t quit

Is it creativity or my destiny to spit

I’m holding mics but I ain’t got no chips

My pockets ain’t swole but my sole is rich

Dreams come true don’t sleep on that

Don’t pinch me yet just let me rap

I can’t let this go this is all I know

Spinning out of control like it’s my time to go


– Blak Ace


March 04, 2016 – A Better Way – Part I


I seen better days had better times

The demons in my mind got me working over time

On the graveyard slave hard caught up fraud credit card

At the dock hands locked want to know who we are

Sinister Blak Ace this is my country

This dream a nightmare in front me

With fake ass bitches and fake ass nigguz

Trying to eat away my progress but I’m on something bigger

Switch lines switch grinds switch places switch time zones

Now a nigga gone airplay flown to the great unknown

On beats and microphones it can’t be cloned can’t be dethroned

The cops they watching my yard listening on my phone

Tapping at my door the surveillance is on

They surrounded my house I’m in the jam I’m alone

Facing charges alone I didn’t start this alone

That’s why they up in my mix

Talking about this bitch

On some witness shit

That’s how they flipped that script

That’s why I pimped that shit


– Blak Ace


March 05, 2016 –   A Better Way – Part II


I’m not your daily menace above average pimping

Cameras stay clicking sexy women fly positions

They want to work in the biz and they contact me

These interviews ain’t free to change your life there’s a fee

I go for mines so baby you go for yours

We can open up doors new worlds we on tour

Explore and discover a new life a better way

Negative image but positive in many ways

Stepping stones on the road to success

We’re all victims exploited even sometimes blessed

Got my name in the paper put my case on the news my nigga

VPD and CTV could never walk in my shoes my nigga

On the radio stations they airing me out

Two sides to every story fuck what they talking about

Those are allegations not a public conviction

In my jail cell coming home to eviction

She had a bad night wasn’t on that grind

Sexual assault now that’s a real crime


– Blak Ace


March 06, 2016 – A Better Way – Part III


I live for the moment tomorrow’s no guarantee

The future looks dim spotlights on me

I keep my head up reaching for the sky I believe I can fly

Better ways to getting by better days before I die

Coming up was struggle everyday we hustle

Pimping is my grind baby and it’s so subtle

Lady luck on my team these bitches ain’t down

Lucky like 13 and she don’t come around

Advance in life my purpose to proceed

Life goes on I know this was meant to be

All body no brains no loyalty

Respect that game P.I.M.P.


– Blak Ace


March 07, 2016 – Hellz Haze


Kingsway to Hastings with a blunt to smoke

No joke I push the coke so I ain’t going broke

Blak Ace on the beat Blakjak in the street

Couple freaks couple dimes pushing game every week

Everyday that we climb with the fame we shine

In the studio we grind getting paid of these rhymes

Hustling like she’s a bad habit

She’s a Playboy bunny homie you know she wants the carats

Yellow canary stones diamonds rose gold

Tiffany watches chilling wrist on froze

Living like a SuperStar cruising with a MovieStar

Hollywood hottie with a body for this RapStar

Waiting for my album to drop like the next brick

On the WritePath going global like Syndicates

Making moves from the TV to the news

Smoked out in my ride after shows and interviews

– Blak Ace


March 08, 2016 – Worldwide – Part II

I’m real so you can see the game through my eyes

All the pain that felt all the times that I tried

No success without fail hustle til I die

Baby blue Volvo chocolate brown eyes

Live and direct like CNN my gangster

Have bitches come and go again

Blak Ace I rip and spit the flow again

Blakjak I have these hoes hoeing again

I’m the number one driver something like McGyver

They all screwed up cause I’m the screwdriver

Left or right switching lanes

She’s in to cocaine I’m trying to get paid

This subject matter’s just a part of the game

Shawdi loving the chain that’s why she’s giving me brains

I’m a pimp nigga plus she’s a little older

Done a lot of dirt so I dust off my shoulder

– Blak Ace


March 09, 2016 – Obsession

You’re my Asian goddess so let me touch you

My obsession is to bless you delicate like a tissue

Gentle like flower bring me power

Hold me in the shower for an hour

Call me Calvin Klein I’m in a bottle

You can be my genie super like a model

We can fly away on some better days

I want to kiss make you smile in so many ways

Hold your hand as we walk in Japan to the promise land

– Blak Ace


March 10, 2016 – Go Hard – Part II

Going hard ain’t a thing no matter what you do

I’m the Chef in the kitchen cooking up a stew

One for me one for you now pass it all around

Going hard with my nigguz and we come break it down

Chop and screw it serve it nice black eye peas and rice

V.I.P. section my champagnes on ice

We gon pop it we gon sip it going hard bottles tipping

Like a chicken she’s a pigeon going hard

Shawdi swimming in a big pool so cool big shark no fool

Catch’em after high school right before they’re back in school

She’s my bitch I’m a dog won’t ever see me beg

Catch us on the dance floor working out our stanky leg

Going hard on my feet two stepping to the beat

Going hard on the mic EQJ did the beat

In the booth on the stage going hard everyday

In the jail or in the cage going hard on your face

– Blak Ace

March 11, 2016 – My Passion – Part II

If you love muzik you feel the same way

Riding dumping hot sunny day

Perfect time for me to step out on the block

I got a thousand CDs ten dollars a pop

On the corner of Robson street and Burrard

Busiest intersection on the West Coast y’all

So much traffic it’s magic support is automatic

Blak Ace new album know you got to have it

Bring it to you live like IMAX 3D

Me myself and I right there on that CD

Blood sweat and tears it appears to be easy

The pain and the struggle could never defeat me

I stick with it this is my passion and I’m committed

Holding mics spitting lyrics that be so explicit

Call me an artist but this my life

Traveling doing shows getting paid every night

– Blak Ace


March 12, 2016 – Pimp My Ride – Part II

She wants a Beamer Benzo Bentley talking bout plenty

Body be twenty head so empty

Sipping Remy at Dennys her girlfriend Wendy

Looking trendy in Fendi trying to tip my Henny

Said she use to dance as a Go Go dancer

Showed her exotic was the answer

Had a big heart and she smokes the cancer

Wine her body up like a belly dancer

– Blak Ace


March 13, 2016 – Amazing – Part II

She’s a real one and that’s a bad one

They dancing to the drums girls just want to have fun

That’s why they kick with me they don’t shake it for free

They pass go I get more paper than Monopoly

Spend it like an idiot nah cause I ain’t a trick

Knocking me the illest chick get rich and keep six

Looking out for the law everyday she wants to ball

With Sugar Daddy at the mall

KOBE steakhouse penthouse roof top bikini or the tube top

High heels and flip flops

Rock non stop candy coated lips pop

Body painted like candy on the Caddy drop top

Gripping wheels stunner shades Dazy Dukes sunny days

Summer times at the beach soaking up the rays

No tan line super hot keep it blazing

European Asian Latina and Bajuns

– Blak Ace


March 14, 2016  –   Rules of Engagement  –  Part II

She’s beautiful and she’s looking at me

Trying to get down with the pimp in me

How much do I take what percentage is left

I said I take a hundred percent and the very next breath

I’m going to give you what you need I know everything you want

Show you how to work it right stay away from chumps

Benefits of the game you can travel and shop

I’m right there to pick you up if you stuck by the cops

You ain’t never on your own pimping got your back

That’s the reason why we stay tight collecting a trap

I’m going to teach what you need to know stay away from the blow

Every dollar that we make is not worth dying for

Safety first we can speed with caution

The money in the fast lane the reason we flossing

Keeping you focused away from distractions

Blak Ace on your case the reason we stacking

– Blak Ace


March 15, 2016  –  Your Eyes  –  Part II

When we met it was special I hope this lasts forever

Finally someone out here to make me better

Going shopping spending time living life together

Sunny beaches night life carribbean weather

We survived all the hurricane storms Player haters

Jealousy throughout friends, foes, instigators

Every day we getting paper going up in elevators

My love for you is greater so forget them player haters

-Blak Ace

March 16, 2016 – Amazing – Part III

She’s amazing shawdi simply be the best

Above and beyond she serves and I protect

I hold the house down I mean every inch

She bailed me out pimpin when I got pinched

Got my back like a shadow baby down to battle

Put her life on the line jumpin in the saddle

That’s a rider for real that’s a breezy

Little mama go hard with a steezy

Intelligent Heaven sent pay da bills and pay da rent

Business minded represent over time she get’s that in

Cook and clean bake and sweep hot meals every week

I respect that so I put down the toilette seat

Found her like a hot mess in lobby black dress

Be a princess cause a queen is your next step

Super hot and sexy yeah mami keep it blazing

European Asian Latinas and Bajuns


March 17, 2016  –  Your Eyez  –  Part III