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My Passion – Part II

If you love muzik you feel the same way

Riding dumping hot sunny day

Perfect time for me to step out on the block

I got a thousand CDs ten dollars a pop

On the corner of Robson street and Burrard

Busiest intersection on the West Coast y’all

So much traffic it’s magic support is automatic

Blak Ace new album know you got to have it

Bring it to you live like IMAX 3D

Me myself and I right there on that CD

Blood sweat and tears it appears to be easy

The pain and the struggle could never defeat me

I stick with it this is my passion and I’m committed

Holding mics spitting lyrics that be so explicit

Call me an artist but this my life

Traveling doing shows getting paid every night

– Blak Ace

Source: Blak Ace’s Daily Dabs

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